Driving lessons in The Hague, Zoetermeer, Rijswijk and Delft

The reliable training cars from HQ Drive

At HQ Drive we offer manual and automatic cars. We always ensure that a safe and well-maintained car is ready for you!

We currently drive a manual Volkswagen T-cross and Volkswagen Polo. If you choose the automatic, you can learn to drive in our Volkswagen Passat

Most students choose to take lessons in a manual car, so that they can choose to drive both cars in the future. Do you find it difficult to perform multiple actions at the same time and do you find it difficult to divide your attention? Then we recommend that you choose automatic. Please note that with an automatic driver’s license you are only allowed to drive an automatic!

Do you have questions about which choice suits you best? Please contact us.

Are you allowed to leave the CBR earlier and do you have lessons left?

We don’t make a fuss about that! We will refund the costs of the remaining lessons to your bank account within one week.

At HQ Drive you can take lessons in different ways. We always ensure that the lessons match your experience and learning speed. This way you always succeed as quickly as possible.

HQ Drive examengarantie: bij ons zijn alle herexamens gratis!

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