Basic package in The Hague, Delft, Zoetermeer and surrounding areas

Basic package HQ Drive

The basic package fits perfectly for the fast learner. Would you like to spend more time mastering driving? Then choose one of our further packages.

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The best and cheapest driving lessons in The Hague and surrounding areas.

What is included in the HQ Drive basic package?

Basic package costs €950
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Other lesson packages

We have put together our lesson packages based on the most common needs and wishes.


Spoed pakket: € 490


Actie pakket: € 1.770


Garantie pakket: € 1.960

Driving lessons in The Hague completely tailor-made

Success guaranteed with our unique teaching method

Do you also want to get your driver’s license as quickly as possible? We have developed unique teaching methods that are perfect for every level. We have incorporated these methods into our packages.

Not yet sure which package suits you best? Start with a free trial lesson, based on this we will draw up personal lesson advice together and you will be assigned a driving coach that suits you best. With our teaching method you will learn everything about all possible traffic situations you may encounter.

The 6 guarantees of HQ Drive

HQ Drive examengarantie: bij ons zijn alle herexamens gratis!

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