Driving lessons in The Hague, Zoetermeer, Rijswijk and Delft

Driving lesson packages from HQ Drive

Are you 16.5? Are you eager to get your driver’s license? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced and driven driving instructors will welcome you professionally and with enthusiasm and guide you in obtaining your driver’s license.

Do you have no driving experience at all? Or do you already have some driving experience? Are you going for a driving lesson crash course in The Hague – Zoetermeer – Rijswijk – Delft or the surrounding area? Or do you opt for a completely customized package?

At the HQ Drive we have it all! With the 5 guarantees you can count on a guaranteed successful driving experience.

The 6 guarantees of HQ Drive
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HQ Drive driving lesson packages

We have put together our lesson packages based on the most common needs and wishes.


Basis pakket: € 950


Actie pakket: € 1.425


Garantie pakket: € 1.900


Compleet pakket: € 2.137


Compleet+ pakket: € 2.375
Money back guarantee!

HQ Drive urgent packages

We have put together our emergency driving lesson packages based on the most common needs and wishes.


Spoed pakket: € 475


Spoed+ pakket: € 1.187

HQ Drive examengarantie: bij ons zijn alle herexamens gratis!

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