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Driving training in steps (RIS), the highest success rate!

Driving school HQ Drive works according to the RIS methodology. The Driving Training In Steps is a modern driving training with a significantly higher success rate than the regular driving training. Moreover, research shows that as a driver you are safer in traffic.

What is the Driving Training In Steps?

With the Driving Training In Steps (RIS) you are trained step by step to participate in traffic. The RIS methodology differs from other teaching methods. Dividing the curriculum makes it easier to follow.

The RIS offers good preparation for what you need to know, be able to do and want as a driver. The RIS is an instruction method that is divided into small parts of actions (called scripts) that cover all the knowledge and skills necessary to drive a car safely through traffic. These scripts can be used interchangeably and are learned step by step. The RIS method is a flexible way of training. This creates a training course that suits you exactly.

The RIS is composed of 46 scripts divided over 4 modules. By learning the scripts in a logical order for you, a tailor-made driving course is created. This way you learn all parts of driving. You can follow the progress of your training step by step on your digital instruction progress card (IVK). So you know exactly where you stand. You can also share your progress with your family, friends, etc.

You can prepare your driving lessons at home using the practical book that you receive as standard when you register with Driving School HQ Drive and choose from one of the packages. If you do this, you will save time during the actual driving lessons and you will get more time to actually drive.

What do the RIS modules look like?

Each module ends with a test. The tests that are administered with this method are:

module 1: Vehicle operation and vehicle control (own driving instructor, during a driving lesson)
module 2: Controlling simple traffic situations and traffic maneuvers (own driving instructor, during a driving lesson)
module 3: Control of complex traffic situations
module 4: Safe and responsible traffic participation
If you master module 4, you will be well prepared for your task as a driver of a car. During the practical exam, the examiner expects automated operation and safe, socially and environmentally responsible behavior.
Not only is the success rate much higher than with the regular driving course, the chance that you will pass the first time is also greater with the Driving Training In Steps.

Meer informatie over de RIS-opleiding of graag een gratis proefles aanvragen?

Are you curious about the possibilities or would you like more information about the RIS method? Driving school HQ Drive would like to get in touch with you. We will tell you about this special way of driving lessons. We are happy to show you our expertise during a free intake interview with trial lesson. You can then immediately get a taste of the Driving Lessons In Steps method and our distinctive guidance.

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Driving lesson package completely customized

We wish you a warm welcome to HQ Drive in The Hague. A family business that has been around for several years now. We can provide fully customized driving lessons at our driving school.

Do you already have some driving experience or less or no driving experience at all? From a short basic package to an extensive complete package with more driving lessons. It’s all possible at HQ Drive. Choose tailor-made driving lessons and your HQ Drive driving instructor will give you appropriate advice.

If you wish, you can also obtain your driving license more quickly in 10 days with our emergency package or have the driving lessons planned entirely at your pace. The choice is yours!

HQ Drive's unique teaching method for guaranteed success

With the successful HQ Drive Teaching Method you are guaranteed to succeed! Our unique formula starts with a no-obligation trial lesson. Based on this, personal lesson advice is drawn up and a driving coach is assigned that suits you best.

With our teaching method you will learn everything about all possible traffic situations you may encounter. In fact, we are so convinced of the HQ Drive teaching method that we offer a HQ Drive Exam Guarantee. If you do not pass after the number of recommended lessons, we will pay for your re-exam(s).

HQ Drive examengarantie: bij ons zijn alle herexamens gratis!

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